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Fit For Christ Boot Camp
If you want to get in shape, Fit For Christ Boot Camp's are the way to do it! Jim and Liz have designed these programs to create RESULTS - quickly. Fit For Christ Boot Camp's are not just a program- it's a way of life.
Camp Size: 25-35 | Camp Duration: 4 weeks, 3+ sessions /wk

Boot Camp Blast
Want a quick way to get into shape? Sign up for Liz's 4-day Blast Camp! Blast programs are intense "jump start" fitness programs offered during the week between our Boot Camp Sessions.
Camp Size: 15-35 | Camp Duration: 4 intense days

Private / Corporate Boot Camps
Private boot camps work exactly like our traditional boot camp programs, but in a smaller group setting. Get a small group of friends, family, or coworkers together and we'll come to you!
Camp Size: 20+ | Camp Duration: 4 weeks, 3+ sessions /wk

Out of Town Programs
Interested in a Boot Camp workout, but aren't in the Washington DC Area? No Problem! We'll bring our Boot Camp program to YOUR town! You call the shots- tell us who, where, and when!

Personal Training
Prefer a one-on-one fitness setting, or perhaps a small group of friends or family with one trainer? You're in luck- Fit For Christ Boot Camp's also offers personal training! You'll get all the benefits of a superior Boot Camp workout in a small, intimate setting.
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