Liz Faison was raised by a strong woman of God, Dolores Irwin. She, along with her four siblings, were members of Shenandoah Farms Baptist Church, which their mother helped establish. She accepted Christ at age of 15 at a Christian retreat in Liberty, NJ.
Liz went to Marymount University, and pursued a degree in Business Administration. She started working out and weight training at the age of 15, and has been doing it ever since. Liz travelled and lived overseas for 7 years, and was an Advertising Executive in Christian TV and Radio for over 10 years. She has worked with many churches and ministries, and has seen the need for health and wellness programs. Liz left advertising in September, 2010 to establish Fit for Christ with her husband and best friend, Jim, and pursue her passion for fitness and helping others.
Liz trains only women, and specializes in utilizing proper nutrition and strength training to help women not only loose weight, but reshape their bodies. She loves to work with women over 35 who are venturing into fitness for the first time, and help them bring clarification and understanding of eating Godís way. Liz has her certification through the American Council on Exercise, and has taught aerobics, yoga, pilates and plyo-metrics. Liz has a background in gymnastics, and finished the Marine Corp Marathon in 2005. She speaks at womenís conferences on Health and Nutrition, and strives to honor Jesus in all that she does. She loves reading and studying the Bible, and prays to find at least one person to share Jesus with daily. She and her husband, Jim, have served as short term missionaries in Zambia, Africa, and plan on returning in the summer of 2011. She is the proud mother of six children, and the grandmother of two girls.

Jim Faison comes from a family where good morals, order, discipline, and sound Christian values were paramount. Jim received Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1978, and was baptized at Central Baptist Church, Beaufort, South Carolina.
At a young age, Jim was involved in working with the youth in his Church, and singing in the choir. Jim received his first weight set from K-Mart at 15, and he been hooked ever since. His father was a runner, and with his father, he ran his first marathon at age 14 in Beaufort, South Carolina. (Run Through History)
At 17, he joined the United States Army, and has work with an elite group of specialized individuals during his enlistment. During his tenure in the Army, Jim was certified as a Master Fitness Trainer. With his knowledge of diet, exercise, and nutrition Jim has competed in many amateur bodybuilding competitions in Europe, and the United States.
Jim continues to pursue a high level of fitness in all he does to include personal training with men, muscle, and cardiovascular strength, and endurance training, aerobics, preparation for bodybuilding, plyometrics.
Jim has been married to his wife, the love of his life, and partner Liz for over 2 years, and is the proud father of six children, and two granddaughters. His interests include studying Godís word, sports, music, and spending good, quality time with his family.
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